One Minute Film: Foodies Collective

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working on a One Minute Film branding video for Foodies Collective, a bespoke and thoughtfully curated artisan food subscription box.

The passion for an authentic, locally supportive product is evident in Kate, founder and owner, by the way she regales you with the backstories of her suppliers, and seeing the carefully handpicked elements of her bi-monthly creations.

I had never visited a bee apiary before, let alone filmed anything whilst donning a bee suit complete with gloves and mask. (Let me tell you, that gave me an appreciation for being able to use my fingers and eyes without handicap during normal filming circumstances!) Meeting Joe of Careel Bay Honey, witnessing his demonstration of the process, and actually tasting the fresh honey straight from the source was definitely a highlight!

Thank you, Kate, for trusting me to visually tell the story of your beautiful business. See some stills below, and check out the video! 

Jen & The Ocean

Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan.

I knew what I wanted to achieve out of this shoot with Jen - minimalist images of her and the white swimsuit against the blues of Bronte Baths. Pretty simple, right? Alas, the universe had other plans.

Rene (never late and was apologetic as punch) missed her alarm, and golden hour that morning seemed to be just a trick of the light - gone in an instant. Not to mention that before 7:30am even rolled around, the healthy folk of Bronte were out in full force, starting their days with Vitamin Sea. Between an immediate harsh sun and poolside extra cast members I didn’t factor in, we decided that a change in scenery might be the best way to salvage our shoot.

As we got to the carpark to make our way to Tamarama, I spotted the cluster of trees and beautiful patch of shade they offered. It was a wonderful split second decision - the above photos of the gorgeous Jen were taken in the CAR PARK of our location. Here’s proof that there’s magic in an afterthought.

Sometimes, things don’t work out the way you plan. Just remember that things are salvageable. Beauty is everywhere, sometimes we just have to let go of expectations and look up. 

Having said that, I got home and found that our Bronte set wasn’t a complete write off. I did find a few gems I liked where the sun wasn’t a complete party-crasher. Winning!

Stay tuned for Part II

Model: Jen White | Bella Management
MUA: Rene Nikol
Swimsuit: Loreta

Milton: Anniversary Weekend Getaway

I often feel a restlessness and a yearning for a change in scenery. I seized our three year anniversary as the perfect excuse to pack our bags and head to the South Coast for the weekend. 

I am loath to admit this, but “insta-worthiness” is always a consideration in my choice for accommodation - this, of course, in addition to cleanliness and proximity to the main areas of town. When I found the Airbnb listing called “Luxurious Tropical Bungalow” accompanied by pictures of a light-filled haven surrounded by lush greenery and white furnishings, I didn’t dare hesitate, and it did not disappoint.

We retreated to Milton, a three hour drive from Sydney, a charming historic town proud of its fresh produce and a host of quaint stores. We had a wholesome lunch at Milk Haus (mushroom and quinoa burger anyone?) followed by a beautiful dinner at Cupitt’s Winery, with the painfully romantic backdrop of the sun setting over the vineyard.

A stop in Berry on the drive back to Sydney was a perfect way to cap the weekend. Even the storms can’t mask the magic of the small towns.

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